Seen On The Streets Of Los Angeles

Artist: Snyder

Masthead by Róisín Gaffney


“QRadio” it is an audio-visual-interactive pasteup project currently on the streets of Berlin. There are 5 tapes in Berlin now but more to come.

Leon Reid IV’s "Tourist-In-Chief"

About this project:

“Tourist-In-Chief” is an installation by public artist Leon Reid IV to be placed on a classical equestrian statue of George Washington located in Union Square, NYC. The installation was selected for realization by this year’s A…

Swoon’s Musical House in New Orleans

About the Project:

A Grand Gift for a Unique City

From the salvaged remains of a decrepit Creole Cottage, the Brooklyn-based artist Swoon has re-imagined a pe…

"Brooklyn Bodega" – Fresh Stuff From Spektor in Paris

The piece above, entitled Brooklyn Bodega, was hand painted with brush on the streets of Paris. It coincides with the opening to Spektor’s first solo in Paris at since/upian
“things change”.

Check out more of Spektor’s amazing work here