“Catchin’ up with…” Dr.D in London


“The guys from the MuTate Britain show came to see me about getting some posters up in London , I went to see the venue set in the heart of Shoreditch East London and was blown away. Warehouse space like this is fast becoming history as the whole of East London is becoming gentrified as more money pours into the area and in the name of the forth coming 2012 Olympics the street art and even the homeless are getting jet washed off the streets. The organizers let me get involved with some pieces inside the multi level venue and on the shutters on the front. I got the first of my series of Bent Commandments up on the front, 120 strips of paper and 8 hours work , it’ll be changing as the show progresses .

It’s exactly what a gallery should be, masses of artists (when I asked the organisers even they didn’t know just how many people were involved, I’ve counted at least 50) no pretention and a warehouse full of the greatest variety of art, street to metalwork sculpture perfect bedfellows in this industrial venue.

I won’t name check all the artists here because I’ll forget and offend someone, check the flyer or the website, the organizers Garfield ,Liam , Mr E. Dawe and Spencer have pulled off a blinder here and deserve a name check along with the legendary Mutoid Waste company.

By the way , there isn’t any connection with the other Tate except this is what the other one should be.”… Dr. D

MuTate Britain
Behind The Shutters Gallery
87-95 Curtain Road
London EC2a 3BS

Opens fri/sat/sun 2pm til 10pm until Christmas.

More photos here.

Sten: The A’s To Our Q’s


Hometown: Rome
Where do you now live?: Rome
Where would you most like to live?: I fear any thing is not Rome, then Rome.
Who was your first “hero” in life?: My cousin, he’s called Leone “Lion” and he was 4 older than me.
What is your favorite thing to do on your day off from work?: Fishing with Lex on the Tevere river.
What is your favorite color?: Red
Who (or what) do you love?: I love Beatrice like Dante.
Who and/or what are some of your influences? I like everything is printed since the print was born. So I like Piranesi, Dorè and the daily newspapers. And I love the stuff of Bast and Faile. I admire the way of JR of pasting up the same poster over different planes and surfaces; in that way the poster became the wall. But influences mostly comes by Alessandra and by the churchs of Rome.


Wooster: What other artists do you most admire?

My favorites street artists are Blu, Giotto, Swoon, N4t4, Bergognone, Gaia, Rello Rocca, Gentile da Fabriano, Madame Archer, Raffaello, Vhils, Lex.

Wooster:How would you describe your art to someone who could not see it?

I mostly work in black and white my stencils and my posters remember the prints in black and white. I work mostly with half tone, dots, points, pixels., lines, I called this way of cutting stencil “hole school”. I like the mix between the abstract pattern that you see in a close view and the realism you can note by a far view. I do mostly portraits of anonymous persons and of a girl I know.

Wooster:What do you fear the most?

Twin Peaks


Wooster:What is your greatest ambition?

To be a champion of “calcio” like Roberto Baggio.

You can see more of Sten’s work here.

Asbestos Boxing Club



Asbestos‘ latest exhibition (which opened last Thursday) is a series of paintings of the faces and hands of boxers from Ligoniel Amateur Boxing club. Each portrait was done on objects found in the skips and streets of Belfast.

The show runs through the 11th of December at Safehouse Gallery, 25 Donegall Street, Belfast 028 9031 4499 .

“One Line…” From Dave The Chimp

“when I make graffiti in the street I don’t write my name. I developed a way to draw characters with one line, as a kind of tag that is a character and not a name. I decided to make a stop-motion animation piece of these “tags” as a way to show the movement of them being drawn. each frame was hand painted on a large sheet of paper, taped to my flatmate’s bedroom wall. the final animation was shown at my solo show (“Searching For The Perfect Line”) at Vicious Gallery in Hamburg, alongside the paper the animation was painted on.”… Dave The Chimp

Blu Returns To Berlin

Blu returned to Berlin this month. To see him in action, watch the video below:

The final piece (nicked from Blu’s blog)


(Thanks, Just)

Urban Painting in Carugate, Italy

(mural by M-City)

URBAN PAINTING is an amazing street art show managed by the municipality of Carugate and curated by Luigi Mauri and his wife Tatiana Belluzzo. Similar to our 11 Spring show, the idea of Urban Painting was to do a great street art show without any sponsors for two days with no advertising. Inside at ATRION IN CARUGATE original artwork from more than 35 artists around the worlld was displayed.

You can see a full set of photos here.

“How Would It Feel To Be Invisible?



From rainbath:

“did this downtown by my house on one of the busiest days! the day after thanksgiving. basically the installation reads…why do so many look away. how would it feel to be invisible? even for just a day? how would it feel to be homeless for whatever reason it may be.”