Fresh Stuff From ROA in Berlin

Photographer Roa

Seen On The Streets Of Los Angeles

Artist: Snyder

perceptual versus conceptual viewing

Birgit Zipser, watery fantasy, 11×14 inches, oil on panel

‘What I learned when I learned to draw’ by Adam Gopnick, The New Yorker, June 27th, discusses Jacob Collins’ approach to drawing, which involves perceptual rather than conceptual viewing. The…


“QRadio” it is an audio-visual-interactive pasteup project currently on the streets of Berlin. There are 5 tapes in Berlin now but more to come.

Leon Reid IV’s "Tourist-In-Chief"

About this project:

“Tourist-In-Chief” is an installation by public artist Leon Reid IV to be placed on a classical equestrian statue of George Washington located in Union Square, NYC. The installation was selected for realization by this year’s A…

Swoon’s Musical House in New Orleans

About the Project:

A Grand Gift for a Unique City

From the salvaged remains of a decrepit Creole Cottage, the Brooklyn-based artist Swoon has re-imagined a pe…