Seen On The Streets Of Soho

Shit We’re Diggin: Garrett Miller’s Windoodles

“The art of temporary vandalism with dry-erase markers”

You can see more of Garrett’s drawings here.

Snyder’s Urban Garden Hunt In Los Angeles

“Rather than placing art on the walls of a community, I want my work to become part of the community. My installations halved and attached to the walls, along with thickly drip painted pastes, jump off the walls and onto the same sidewalks members of…

“Valetudo: Art and Healing in Provence” at SVA

I attended an opening for “Valetudo: Art and Healing in Provence” at SVA tonight; the sanitarium at St. Remy is familiar to many as the place where Van Gogh painted for one year before committing suicide. Artist: Jocelyne Gonzalez The artists are patients in the Sanitarium of St. Remy now, or recently, and parts of […]

Attended Journey to the Pole of Cold and other Events recently

Last night I attended the opening of Journey to the Pole of Cold opening at Kris Waldherr’s gallery curated by Thomas Ross Miller. While I took some photos I like the one’s that Diane Saarinen took better (I’m not a good photographer) but I do like openings and this one was hot. Photos by Diane Saarinen: I […]

Art in a Hot New York City Plus updates to ArtNewYorkCity

It’s been so hot here in NYC that it’s hard to think about Art, except to say – let’s be inside to do Art – or be Art, and maybe, swim in it. I’ve gone to a lot of openings of late but haven’t written about them including Heat Waves in a Swamp: The Paintings […]