You and Your Perfect Life

You and Your Perfect Life
(playing time  5:18)
music by David Palmer / words by David Palmer (except *from Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby)

This song was inspired by the Nick Hornby novel Juliet, Naked. The story involves, among other things, an American singer/songwriter named Tucker Crowe, who mysteriously disappeared from the music …

Three Birds In A Fountain

Water reflections? Has to be Jay.

This creature placidly stood by as I clicked away. I would like to tender these three images of the stately bird in the spirit of comparison, soliciting your judgments of good better and best.

Number One:

Number Two:

Or Number Three:

The educational worm turns

As someone who as taken an interest in what I have called the art world’s ‘pedagogical impulse’ and what others have dubbed its ‘educational turn’, I was of course tickled to read that yesterday marked the first day of classes at Glenn Beck University.  As the news outlets have reported, …

Charles in charge

Here in London a stunned silence greeted the surprise news that Charles Saatchi was to ‘donate’ his recently opened Saatchi Gallery and part of his collection to the British nation, perhaps as soon as 2012. The surprise came, not only because Saatchi doesn’t seem like the retiring type – he …

Winners take all?

A researcher colleague wanted to call it the “Great Museum Cartel.” We were working on a RAND report on the visual arts, and it emerged that the vast majority of visitors, operating funds, endowments, and donations accrue to the top ten museums in the country.

Yesterday bought more confirmation of …

mist rolling in

Seeing the mist rolling in from the lake over the big dune,

coming closer, enveloping,

until finally, only feeling surrounded by grey.

A Meditative Moment

I thought it would be nice to share some photos of the sky on the one day of the year when we have the most time to look at it.

I took a series of photos of the sky over a period of about three months quite some time ago and …


oil on maple, 24 x 18 inches.

This spring, I started sketching landscapes rather than only photographing them. My first motif was the view from a bluff. Painting on site would be cumbersome because it would mean dragging supplies along a 20 min hike.

Hoping to get help in understanding the …