Attended Journey to the Pole of Cold and other Events recently

Last night I attended the opening of Journey to the Pole of Cold opening at Kris Waldherr’s gallery curated by Thomas Ross Miller.

While I took some photos I like the one’s that Diane Saarinen took better (I’m not a good photographer) but I do like openings and this one was hot.

Photos by Diane Saarinen:

Yakutia's Road of Bones Photo Exhibition in New York. Photo by Diane Saarinen.

Yakutia's Road of Bones Photo Exhibition in New York. Photo by Diane Saarinen.

Yakutia's Road of Bones Photo Exhibition in New York. Photo by Diane Saarinen.

I arrived after these photos were taken but was the last guest to leave the opening and I found the idea that a road could be built under the conditions that were shown in the show almost unbelievable.

Exhibition description

“Journey to the Pole of Cold in “On the Road of Bones: Ghosts of the Siberian Gulag Along the Old Kolyma Highway,” an exhibition at Kris Waldherr Art and Words studio gallery in Brooklyn. Through photography and mixed media, “On the Roadof Bones” reveals the secret history and hidden landscape of Kolyma, formerly the land of Soviet labor camps and the coldest inhabited region on earth. Stunning new works by young native Siberian photographers Bolot Bochkarev, Nastya Borisova, and Ajar Varlamov trace the remains of the vast highway built across the taiga, tundra, and permafrost of North Asia by Stalin’s prisoners. The exhibition juxtaposes the tragic events of the past with the powerful natural beauty of the frozen land and the daily lives of north

The show was done very well, totally professionally, and even though the gallery is sorta out of the way (take the D train to Newkirk Avenue in Brooklyn, gallery is right around the corner literally) it’s worth the trek – and it’s not nearly as far to go as Siberia (which is farther than I’d want to go).

I’ll have several more updates to shortly – I’ve been negligent in my Art Postings – I’ll try to make up for it with a lot more content – I go to so many openings but often when I get home, I’m too toasted to really write anything – and I’m one of the those writers that tends to want to write my ideas and impressions down immediately, or not at all.

I guess that’s going to have to change.

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